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Made from 100% All Natural Ingredients from plant extracts - No scalp irritation. Smooth, Youthful Skin and Hassle-Free Beauty. I'm often complimented for my hair and especially regarding the…, These ladies know what they are doing! … I love this hair wax❣ It was very easy to use. Free shipping . My son really loves the purple in his hair! Beauty salon website. Beauty Salons (4) BBB Rating: A+. Waxing The City. Love the look. Curls Unleashed Color Blast provides a temporary color solution, formulated with moisturizing beeswax, to elongate and define curls with beautiful, vivid colors and no damage. I bought it anyway and was happy because she was happy. Find your perfect shade touch up color or create a new look. Shipping is fast and customer service is great. WALK-IN ALWAYS WELCOME! So happy! My grey hair was growing in and I needed to do something. I can't wait to try the other colors I bought. I recommend Sara for hair color. Great color. While shopping online for an hair color wax reviews is easier and more convenient than shopping in person, it is also harder to know if you are buying a high-quality product. We’re definitely ordering more colors. We offer the fastest shipping times of Hair Color Wax: We're happy to help! It was so much fun to put it on, and B. I got sooo many compliments from people and it was so awesome! Get the wax on your fingers and spread the wax on your palm. 1 x Coloring Wax. Free shipping . as requested, This video is gonna be me checking in daily to show you how Hair Paint Wax holds up. The staff was friendly and the salon was CLEAN. My sons hair is lighter and showed up easier, he was very happy with his. Even at 50 it’s fun!!! It works, it's safe, & environmentally friendly! The wax did not stain my hands or cabinets. Easy to apply, doesn’t rub off on clothing or furniture, and rinses out like a dream! A. Unlike other temporary coloring agents, this wax won’t stain your hands, and it rinses clean with just water. They love it! 3. This was my favorite although it looked like purple on my hair. So I bleached and dyed my hair grey but with less than satisfactory results. I liked it to be able to tell what it would look like to dye my hair silver. What's YOUR color story? Q: Does this dry out?A: Yes - after you apply the Color Wax on your hair, it dries out pretty quickly. Genetically gifted but we alway want what we don’t have, right? Dried fast which was nice so it didn't rub off on furniture or hands. We haven’t washed his hair yet, but I’m not worried. It has always been a great place to get a hair cut. (425) 202-7021. We did the blue on my dark brunette daughter’s hair and it showed up very well. I went natural during the shutdown hoping I would have awesome silver but instead I have more salt and pepper. Vivid colors and so easy to use! I have red hair so in places the blue gave me a little purple too, which I really liked. But it came off on clothes and hands even the next day. I think Purple is great and looks better than the green. LOVE IT! Just what I wanted. Also, it washes off my hands easily. Hours: All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. Easy to use and washed right out the next couple of days. I have very gray almost white areas around my face. Bought the set of all colors. I found that working it through my hair with my fingers and a comb gave me a nice hue. Although the color is not that bright because of her natural hair color, it looks pooping. Love it! Section the hair to distribute the product evenly, a little goes a long way (can be applied to wet or dry hair). I've purchased 4 colors so far. Easily washes out which is great for switching back to my work look!! Don't waste months with permanent hair dye. I bought blue for my son and purple for my daughter and both LOVE it! Comes right off with shampoo - and gives your kids that fresh new look . $7.99 $ 7. Would definitely do it again. Really love trying the Common Panda Hair Color Wax. I only bought purple and silver to try it out, my four year old son wants blue and green so I’ll have to get those next! But I did love the color. I am seriously impressed, once it dries, it really doesn’t transfer! Take nickel sized amount of hair color onto thumb, index, and middle finger. Thanks It is subtle on dark hair but my kids love it! Next washing it out was a breeze. I have very dark brown hair that laughed at my attempt at coloring it earlier this year. I was very pleased with my purchase. Very good for the Thicken hair, no sticky, greasy. I tested one strand. 17843 1st Avenue South, Normandy Park, WA 206.243.0200. This worked great! in…, I have seen Dr. Cooperrider three now for treatments with filler, botox and tattoo, flying nearly 2000 miles round trip for his professional…. Then I found this!!! We love it! - BluMaan Hair Products | https://blumaan.com - Does Hair Coloring Wax Work? 2. put a finger full of hair wax on the palm and spread a little 3. Great product!! Not this one! Shop hair color at ULTA. $7.04. We used red, pink, and blue on these pics. The color lasted a full 3 days and he still had purple hair until i made him wash it. Temporary Color Hair Wax is a great temporary hair product for people who enjoy dying their hair with different colors but do not want to dry out their hair in the long term. I love using color in my hair. The Mofajang Hair Color Wax is a temporary hair dye in the form of a hairstyling wax. Did some searching and found Common Panda. Sheila C. I mixed blue and pink together to get the purple effect! Would HIGHLY recommend this company! It felt slightly gunky, but that gave it more hold. The few…, I got a groupon to get a brazilian and I loved it here! But it worked great. As you guys can see! My hair person will not put any color over it. Each of the three most popular options has one key ingredient that helps the color show up and helps the curls pop: Cera alba, also known as beeswax. MATTE TEXTURE - Hair Color Clay Dye suitable to build a Low-shine style with the color you like, Can modeling the Color matte hairstyle. Everybody in my house is using it, even my husband. I love the wax! It’s not meant for full coverage unless you have extremely short hair, but is perfect for … All my concerns went right out the window! Super easy to use even works good on the kids!! In addition to a great product, the communication from this company is outstanding. Q: Does this rub off on clothes or pillows?A: No - after the Color Wax dries out, it doesn't rub off on clothes or pillows. Q: Does this work on dark hair?A: The color effect is much more pronounced on lighter hair - and yes, the Color Wax does work on bleached hair as well. This picture was taken after 8 hours of having just a little bit in my dark hair I teach at a middle school and the students love when I use the color! The unisex hairstyle cream claims to give you Purple bleached looking hair, instantly, with no bleach used and no damage to the hair This Purple Hair Wax allows you Styling and Coloring hair at the same time Easy coloring, easy washing, strong and no damage hair, no stickiness Each had pros and cons but common panda is the one I will be buying again. Rub contents around until it feels smooth. Compliments everyday. If you want a fabulous cut and color for an AMAZING price you must visit them, cant say I agree with the…. ULTA's selection includes root concealer, permanent & temporary color. Section Hair. So far, my favorite Common Panda HaIr Color Wax is Purple. 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS-Made of plant extracts, no scalp irritation,no harm to your health,safe to use. The only negative thing i can think of is the red is more of a pink color. Got this for my daughter for Christmas. I told all my friends, my hairdresser, and my FB friends as well. CHOOSE A COLOR & PAINT THAT HAIR! In fact, many of our customers bought the Color Wax especially for their kids. Bought some for my daughter too but never to old to have some fun myself. My daughter and i both are enjoying purple blue and pink!! Hair Color Expert. 120g Temporary Hair Color Wax Mud One-time Molding Paste Dye Cream Hair Gel DIY. I let it dry then I ran a comb through my hair and styled it. Very easy to use, and washes out with water. At 73, my grey hair still hasn’t come in. Still have plenty left of the purple and enough for one more around of pink. I went with purple b/c my hair is dark and it looked like it would stand out. Browse the full range of Wax for all hair types : Tecni Art. Easy to wash out. Lasted a couple days since we didn't wash and they loved it. I have shoulder length dark brown hair with long grey strands at my temples, so the silver looks great and I’m getting lots of compliments on pink. It defines my curls perfectly! ❤️. I may be 60+ but still enjoying the journey. Shipped very quickly. Common Panda is a great company, not one of those scams that takes your money and you receive trash, if you even receive it at all. Works best on dark hair, such as black, brownish, blonde hair. It was an easy application... it was very easy experience... however it wasn’t best for long hair or thin. So I did a mix, used the gold, and attempted to blend colors into a slight rose gold on parts of edges, and gold with faint blue specks at the top! I am very happy with my purchase. Sheila. … Go big or go home right! I bought the purple and red. It shows up so well, didn’t get on my cream colored furniture, and she loved it! I saw others use with success but no one had hair like mine. My boys loved this hair wax. 18230 E Valley Hwy Ste 142. It smells very good and the color is subtle In our dark hair so my 5 years old can use it too! It does come off on pillows, jackets, etc easier than the other brand so when he sweats it runs down his neck more. Easy to use - can be subtle or bold. I preferred applying it to my finished braid, as the braided hair held and showed the color more. Crown Paint Colors Staff will be on holiday vacation from December 24, 2020 - … They had so much fun playing hair salon. My kids have dark curly hair but the color still showed up amazing! My twins loved it. Use this on a section of hair you need to color. I have plucked chin hairs (because I watched my mother tweeze hers when I was growing up) for over 40 years. And we tried the product yesterday, and it was fantastic! THE BEST COSPLAY HAIR COLOR WAX Don’t waste months with permanent hair dye. The "IT" Factor Hair Studio. I’m ordering more colors now! Hair Removal Beauty Salons Electrolysis. Along comes Common Panda to save the day! We have tried so many products including manic panic and this wax far surpasses any of those! I got the turquoise blue one. My favorite is purple and I will send a pic soon. After use, easily wash the wax with water. They had such fun with the products! It was a little more difficult to put in than I planned, but the color was decent on medium blonde hair. No staining of myself or tub. I have been having fun with the colors I have. MOFAJANG Hair Color Wax Red,Unisex Instant Modeling Fashion DIY Hair Color Wax Temporary For Natural Hairstyle Hair Dye Styling Cream for Men Women Kids Party Cosplay (Red) 3.0 out of 5 stars 11. I bought blue & silver. Hair Color Wax Wash Out Hair Color Instant Hair Wax Temporary Hair Color Hairstyle Cream 4.23 o… ✨. Our Hair Color products have created thousands of vibrant and fun stories all around the world. 4. Now I can change colors and still take good care of my hair. But wait. The blue shows up really well in her hair the pink was ok think I am going to try purple next love this product and it smells good. I LOVE it!! I could match every outfit I have! Done. Follow the instructions and it will work great. This temporary hair lacquer not only gives you the opportunity to choose between a variety of colors but also helps add texture and shine to your hair. Really liked it. A: While we don't recommend you stay out in heavy rain with or without the hair wax (you know, cause you might catch a cold) - the Color Wax doesn't come off in a mild drizzle. If you’re looking for a more metallic shine, this hair mascara set by Ms. Dear may fit the bill. Package Included: 1 pcs hair color wax The only issue we had was the color came off on everything. Has not harmed or left color on my bleached blonde hair. I definitely recommend. Over all my son loves it, that's all that matters! Definately looked golden!! It's a little messy to apply, but I love that the colors show up well, and wash right out! Will definitely be buying more. Can't wait to try them!! Easy to apply and clean. I'm amazed at how clear the color is in my dark blonde/light brown hair, as well as how easily it washes out. My hair just ended up being very tangled. My daughter wants her hair dyed blue Since I showed her what this product can do, she wanted to try it but others were skeptical because her hair is darker than most of the advertised photos. I walked in tense and came out renewed. She is already asking for blue and green next! A colleague suggested that I try a color to make my hair pop. Couldn't be happier with my purchase! I have NEVER dyed my hair!!! Common Panda wax has been great for Halloween this year!! In order to get it to not feel sticky, it needed to be brushed once dry, but that faded it a lot quicker than I expected. Silver won't be prominent on bleached hair though. Love that the color pops on both of my kids even though they have dark hair! The color showed up so nicely and lasted all day until we washed it out. If you have curly hair, then the wax also makes your curls pop. My daughters hair is long so it rubbed off on her neck and shirt. It is an…, Wax On calls itself the ""home of the brazilian,"" but it's a great place to go for any of your waxing needs. Fun fun fun. Washed out super easy, even with my blonde hair. It offers the transformability of typical hair colors without committing to months of a certain hue. I decided to try for the fun of it. What a fun product! My daughter was ecstatic to have blue hair, and I loved that it washed out easily and didn't leave a mess. Enjoy the obtained effect! If you would like to receive your order by christmas your order will need to be placed no later than December 15. $8.88. The color effect on dark hair is subdued and subtle - but still pretty great . I haven’t actually used it on my hair yet but I’ve used it on my niece and my son so far and will be buying more! I buy 4 and I want to buy more. I'm having so much fun with 2 colors, that I placed an order for Pink, Blue, Red and Silver. I absolutely love this product and this company! I could see though how this product could be too heavy for fine, straight hair. Silver Grey Hair Color Wax, Natural Hairstyle Wax 4.23 oz, Temporary Hairstyle Cream for Party, Cosplay, Halloween, Daily use, Date, Clubbing (Silver Grey) - ?Styling & Coloring - Prevent your hair and scalp from salon-made damage and Enjoy everyday to begin with a new hair … Thank you! We blend them together and they end up looking almost like a chameleon color. And I love the fact that it gives them a temporary pop of color that washes out easily! Got two colors for my kids to try out. MY DAUGHTER LOVED IT, SHE BEEN BUGGING BE FOREVER TO DYE HER HAIR. The entire experience was great, from the ease of ordering, the quick shipment, and the excellent customer service. Maybe that will make it easier. The Color Wax silver shows up and is a noticeable difference from my normal hair color. Provides a medium to firm hold. No mess. My daughter loved it!! Oct 22, 2018 - Explore SHERMECA POPE's board "hair coloring wax dye", followed by 243 people on Pinterest. Website (425) 251-8537. I use the silver to give some great highlights at work (SO MANY COMPLIMENTS). It wasn’t complicated to use. I hope you guys enjoy! I'm really warming up to the green, which is my favorite color. Applying the product is just like the directions say and it is easy to apply. This wax didn't rub off on my finger or flake off!!!! :). My daughters hair is super blonde( almost white) all the other hair coloring systems we’ve used have left behind a color in her hair. Plus, my 6 year old can wash it out by himself. I had been looking at the ad for weeks, and I finally decided to try it. I used latex gloves to apply for less clean up. No pictures at this time, as products were purchased as Christmas gifts for my Granddaughter! Start each day with a new hair color at home without having to visit a hair salon. 99 ($7.99/Count) Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 12. My son has dark hair and this wax is amazing. My daughter loved having mermaid hair for her birthday! A: The color effect is much more pronounced on lighter hair - and yes, the Color Wax does work on bleached hair as well. I want to be notified with updates and offers, By using this site, you agree to the use of cookies that we use to provide an optimized shopping experience. Easy to apply and I love the smell of it. Rub it on with your fingers and wait for it to dry. Very easy application. Beauty Salons (253) 852-0141. I WAS REALLY SUPRISED HOW EASY IT CAME OUT, IT CAME OUT JUST SWIMMING IN THE POOL, My daughter has really dark curly hair. Excellent Customer Service...Fast shipping from Common Panda! I wanted something temporary; it washed out with one wash! Love this product! I am warming up to Green rather quickly as green is my favorite color, in general. My guy wanted blue sides and this was great! I got the blue for my son and he loves it. Just wanted a little color for a little fun. I dampened my hair, put some wax on my fingertips and ran my hands through my hair. Highly recommend. I love my Common Panda wax! It’s a super fun product and washes right out of my whites. Buy what you want today, pay for it in four installments, interest-free. Wax - Hair Styling by L'Oréal Professionnel. Q: Will this damage my hair?A: Based on hundreds of customers' feedback who use the Color Wax several days of the week, combined with the fact that its made out of plant extracts - this will not damage your hair. My son has this long super thick hair! Easy to do and washed right out next day!! Red/Brown/Dark Hair: We recommend Purple, Blue, Gold and Silver colors. After we washed it and got his hair really wet, combed it first, the wax was super easy to apply to his hair! It has a nice smell to it and washes off my hands very easily with just water and a little soap. Kent, WA 98031. My 6 year old daughter loves it! Great smell to it also. Love the pink. My whole family, boys and girls alike, is having a lot of fun trying new colors and styles! This Fremont location is the latest…, My friends and I have been going here for years, and we always tell everyone about it!! I was so excited!! Not a bad product, would purchase again. My daughter’s hair is curly and a little darker and I probably should have used a little more color, but for our first time it was super easy, fun and a success! PERFECT PRODUCT TO BE CREATIVE WITH!!! I wanted to see what it would look like before I committed to it. I am having fun experimenting with the different colors!!! Even if it does, it can easily be washed out since the wax is water soluble. It only took about 5 minutes to cover his hair and make sure you comb it out afterwards. Up to 54% Off Brazilian Wax at Noor Brow & Lash Art. A: Absolutely! Just love it. Of the three, Mysteek Naturals is the simplest formula, only using three ingredients (beeswax, petroleum jelly, and color pigment) to make her coveted hair paint wax. Please help others by helping us do better. My daughter loves her new look . Apply to all areas that need a color boost. When you apply to your hair make sure your hair is damp, towel dried after washing works best for us. It is easier to work with and has a more vibrant colour. I love this hair color it's so easy to use I can now save a bunch of money by not going to hairdresser so far I have used green an purple I'll try pink next would highly recommend this to everyone. Recommend 100%!! No damage was done and her hair is just like she wanted! As far as hair wax brands go, I did some research and it appears that Mofajang Hair Color Wax, Hailicare Unicorn Purple Hair Wax and ALEXIA & CO Japanese Color Hair are all fan favorites. Email us: support@commonpanda.com. This was easy to apply and doesn’t rub off. Works exactly as described and cleans up very easily. I will definitely be recommending it to everyone, and buying some other colors soon. It washes out easily in the shower and doesn’t leave any residue behind on your hair or shower. TEMPORARY HAIR COLOR WAX-Easy coloring, easy washing, easy styling,no stickiness, no harm to hair(No need to use bleach). Very easy to wash out. Hey guys! The kids loved the colors! I love that I can have purple hair when I feel like it and then back to business. It was kind of hard to find at first because it was in an alley but the lady did such a…, From Business: Absolute Electrolysis has been providing, private & safe permanent hair removal for 18 years.We are an active member of the AEA & WSEA.Call For a free…, Today was my first day into this clinic. Search results are sorted by a combination of factors to give you a set of choices in response to your search criteria. Love it! Still want to get the purple, golden orange and maybe the red. It's hard to see in pictures, but the color comes out perfectly. I know that though…, Jack Gamero is a master stylist. The more you use, the brighter the color. Easy to use .....and I'm 51 years old!! It gave my hair a more workable texture, so I could manipulate it without mousse or gel. I have gotten so many compliments ❣. My daughter was begging for fun hair for the summer. Blonde/Bleached Hair: All colors look great. A: No - after the Color Wax dries out, it doesn't rub off on clothes or pillows. The Red color looks like a subdued pink shade on dark hair. 4 Colors Temporary Hair Dye Wax - 4 in 1 Sliver Blue Purple Red - Natural Matte Hairstyle for Party… Even if it does, it can easily be washed out since the wax is water soluble. It smells great too. I fully expected to have a hard time washing it off my hands and out of my hair, but it washed out easily with hand soap/shampoo. #never2old2shine. My kids love it!! For a soft-touch finish, apply on damp hair or after adding a small amount of leave-in conditioner, lotion or cream to the hair I watched videos of people doing it totally wrong and it’s no wonder it made their hair heavy! It’s easy to apply, and washed right out in the next shower. Fast and easy. It washes out easily and applies easily. I'm having so much fun changing my hair color (even while sheltering at home) that I have 4 more colors on the way...Pink, Blue, Red and Silver. We only had one problem with it. We really loved the colors and how well it worked. Smells great, with a medium hold, starts fairly wet and goes matte and sets quick. YP - The Real Yellow PagesSM - helps you find the right local businesses to meet your specific needs. Easy to use. Took a little bit to figure out the right amount for my super thick and curly hair but man oh man was it so amazing!!! It was easy to apply. It has a slight shimmer to it so it looks really cool in the sun. You can see the color and it washes out easily I can’t wait to use it on myself. It smells amazing too. It stays on for the duration of the day and washes away easily when the kids took a bath. I love how temporary this is! Sent this to granddaughters and great niece. Definitely recommend and will purchase again. Much better than the old hairspray we used as kids. The colors show best in photos with flash. Contains a variety of … PARENT TESTED PARENT APPROVED (PTPA) WINNER. Purple is my life and this adds fire. The common panda people were awesome though and went out of their way to make sure I got the product even when UPS messed up so good job to them. She was uni the unicorn with purple hair and it came it within the first wash. No staining!!! Stylist Temporary Hair Color Wax Mud … Washes off hands and out of hair with ease!!! I tried both applying it to a finished braid, and to my hair and then braiding it. Temporary Temperature Color Changing Hair Dye Wax Mud Hairstyle Coloring Paste. One shampooing and my hair was silver again. It washed out easy with just soap and water, no staining. Our hair color wax adds texture and shine, suitable for all hair types from medium to thick hair, and is easy to apply and clean. Our Color Wax works on all hair types: whether curly, straight, or wavy. I been going here for 8 years. Applying color hair wax is tedious and messy process. My daughter loves it so much!!!! Hair Paint Wax. My kids love this! Found again on the Facebook ad! Very nice experience.My favorite…, This business has opened a store in Redmond (offf Redmond Way near Kanishka) that I go to almost once a week for one service of another. What a great way to try new things and experience exciting hair adventures! The wax is awesome for curly hair! My daughter has been wanting pink hair forever. This new temporary hair wax adds texture and shine, suitable for all hair type from medium to thick hair. I love the wax so much I wish it came in clear to use on days w my natural colors! But it’s just how it sounds a wax on your hair... it does wash out very easy like nothing was ever there!! 23837 108th Ave SE. Everyone’s hair is different. “Preferred” listings, or those with featured website buttons, indicate YP advertisers who directly provide information about their businesses to help consumers make more informed buying decisions. Im a girl who constantly has my fingers in my curls. Website. Hair Supplies & Accessories Hair Stylists Beauty Salons. Q: What happens in the rain?A: While we don't recommend you stay out in heavy rain with or without the hair wax (you know, cause you might catch a cold) - the Color Wax doesn't come off in a mild drizzle. Please contact the business for updated hours/services due to the COVID-19 advisory. We have the purple and blue. A little goes a long way. I have unruly, curly hair and he cut it so it wouldn't be frizzy or poofy. The red and the blue are my favorite so far! Can't wait to get them!! There’s more! The colors came out great . It’s awesome and makes styling my hair easy too. Try a new color every day of the week! I used another product that I’ve been told will forever damage my hair or at least until it grows out and is cut off. First time using color and enjoyed it. Thank you so much:). I’d say style your hair and then apply. I recently stopped dying my hair in February 2020 and even more recently cut off all of my hair to get rid of the majority of the dyed. Perfect for Daily use, Festivals, Parties, Stag & Hen, Events, Clubbing, Raves, Halloween, Fancy dress. A: Based on hundreds of customers' feedback who use the Color Wax several days of the week, combined with the fact that its made out of plant extracts - this will not damage your hair. I was skeptical about using this on my very curly black hair. (1) Website. Wax On is the only place to go for brazilians. A: Yes - after you apply the Color Wax on your hair, it dries out pretty quickly. I have been a long term client and have read negative reviews about clients having to wait. Particularly because the pigment is so extreme and you actually need to use a lot of it to cover your hair. Common Panda® was established in 2017 to spread happiness. The color comes off onto my hands easily but also stays on my hair until I wash it out. The Common Panda wax adds a little more spunk to my look and as I said really defines the curls. I thought it wouldn’t take very much to cover my hair but I ended up using a hell of a lot of … Comes right off with shampoo - and gives your kids that fresh new look . My son has light brown hair and the blue really popped but the green was more subtle. Hair Dye Cream. Love love love this product!! Just made my hair look darker- took a couple of years off all the white! I want to soon dye my hair blue and this helped me see if it looked good. Easy to apply, and easy to wash out, offers a strong hold with no damage to the hair. I tried two different brands to see what I would like better for my kiddo. I absolutely love this wax,! I was concerned it wouldn’t take to her hair because she has dark thick curly hair. Q: Is this safe for kids?A: Absolutely! It washes right out like it said . Didn't find what you were looking for? I ordered this not really knowing if it would work. Don't pass this up if you have dark/ black hair! So much fun! It goes in so smoothly and it's not time consuming. I will say this was our first time using it and now I know I need to use a little bit more but will definitely be using again. I curled it and it was fine. Also, it does apply best with SLIGHTLY damp hair so read the directions! I didn’t want to dye her hair permanently,so this is a great compromise. Thanks Paradise Bay for a great tan. The jar was about the size of a noxema jar, and a little seems to go a long way. The hair was worked EXACTLY as advertised. It does have a few drawbacks, however. 4. plan the section of hair with white highlights or apply the wax all over the head 5. Very good for temporary use. So much fun. Best stuff ever. My daughter has fair hair and it stays in longer than a few washes. Stayed in my son's hair all day! Easy coloring and wash out, no stickiness and does not damage the hair. Just as simple to use as advertised! YP, the YP logo and all other YP marks contained herein are trademarks of YP LLC and/or YP affiliated companies. Easy coloring, easy to wash out, strong hold with no damage, and no stickiness. I'm not sure what I did wrong but the color got on everything! Wasn’t sure I wanted to invest in something I may not like. My kids were thrilled with the colors! I don't put them in very heavy but I love the results. I want my hair green for my upcoming Hallowedding and have been trying LOTS of different wash out products!!! I didn’t want anything that rubbed off and the wax really sealed on there. Fun and easy! I left my hair go natural when I could not get it colored professionally during the pandemic.

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